Trick of the Trade #1: The Proper Use of a Napkin

This is a Tricks of the Trade post.

Tricks of the Trade are exactly what you think they are: behaviors (meaning things you can do) in pretty specific situations that help you attain/sustain a healthy weight. Let’s begin with my telling you how the proper use of a napkin makes it easy not to go over eating reasonable portions of food when attending social or work related meals.

In the course of my work as a VP at a local Chamber of Commerce I was required to attend quite a few (usually at minimum 2-3) luncheon or dinner meetings per week. Now, I know that the food at these events would not usually be covered in Gourmet magazine, but, in my case, putting food in my mouth often has very little to do with either how good it is or how hungry I am — put food in front of me an I’ve got a tendency to eat it.

So, there I am, sitting and making nice with the fellow next to me as the waiter plunks down two chicken breasts drenched in some sort of sauce with a zillion calories, veggies drowning in butter sauce, next to a mountain of mashed potatoes.

But I know the drill: I scrape the sauce off the one chicken breast closest to the size of a deck of cards that I intend to eat; I drain as much butter as I can off the veggies; form a portion of my potatoes into what I estimate to be the size of ping pong ball — and proceed to eat my dinner.

After I’m finished eating my dinner, I first make sure I have some coffee in my cup (to give me something to do after I’ve properly used my napkin), and then reach for my cheesecake; take a bite, AND THEN:

Place the remainder of my cheese cake on my now used dinner plate, wipe my mouth one last time with my napkin, AND THEN:

Shake out my napkin, cover my plate with it (here’s the trick):


Now, if I want to eat more than the reasonable portions I’ve already eaten, I must first lift the napkin off –which now has food stuck to it and where would I put that?– plus I’d have to eat smooshed cheesecake mingled with cold mashed potatoes, yuck!!! — AND, I need to do this in front of everyone at my table.

I am happy to say that I have never done that.

Looking forward to hearing what tricks YOU might have up your sleeve.

“Do the best you can, with what  you’ve got, where you’re at”

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