Try This #1: Meaning and Weight Loss Exercise

“For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour.  What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.” — Viktor E. Frankl

Meaning changes over time.

This is a fact.  A “core truth”.

It’s easy to see that this is true when thinking in terms of our childhood:   what was important to you when you 5 years old wasn’t so important to you when you were 12 years old.

It’s harder to see that this is true when it comes to our self concept , desires, and goals as an adult.

We’ve already talked a bit about how “losing meaning” can put the kibosh on both losing weight and keeping it off.

This idea is so important I know it’s likely unless you fully “buy in” to this concept you won’t be able to buy in to using Fitegic Planning’s strategic approach – it will seem like just another gimmick in the weight loss game.

So here’s a little exercise that will help demonstrate that meaning does indeed change over time.  It will also help you to see how central meaning is to achieving and maintaining goals – in this case a healthy weight.

(NOTE:  If you don’t have such a time in your life as needed for this exercise  —   have “always” been overweight, use your imagination and come up with an imaginary time in your life when these things were true.)

Do the exercise all at once – don’t stop and read what you answered until you’ve completed the entire exercise.  Here goes:

FIRST: Think of a time in your life when you successfully lost weight.  The further back in time you can go the better.

Specifically  think of a time when, although it might not have been exactly enjoyable, following your chosen method (“Diet and/or  Exercise Program”) seemed not to take very much effort – you “wanted” to do it.

What was the “reason” you wanted to lose the weight? (For example: an event, health reasons, you wanted to be more attractive, etc, etc, etc)  BE SPECIFIC.

After you identified the reason you had at the time ask yourself (and then answer) the question: “Why was that important to me?”

SECOND: Fast forward to the present time.

Is the reason you wanted to lose weight now the same as it was then?

If yes, ask yourself “Why is this still important to me NOW?” and make a list of those “whys”.

If no, ask yourself “What has changed in my life that makes my former reason for losing weight not as important to me?”  Make a list of the changes.

No matter which question you answer, when you go back and read your entire response, you’ll see how meaning does, indeed, shift and change over time.


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