“I want to lose 10 pounds before I go to Hawaii”

Be patient with me here – I’m going to start off talking about something that will, at first, appear to have absolutely nothing to do with losing weight or keeping off.  I promise you it does – trust me and read:

In case you haven’t noticed – I LOVE to write.  So you might be a bit surprised when I tell you I truly hated diagramming sentences in school.  It seemed like such a colossal waste of time.  Why sit around dissecting sentences when that time could be much better spent WRITING them (and reading) them!

It wasn’t until I got into college that I came to appreciate the fact that knowing how to diagram a sentence meant that I knew how to PLAN a sentence.  Sentences are meant to communicate specific ideas.  Knowing how to plan how a sentence should be constructed goes a long way to successfully communicating specific ideas.

In fact, knowing how to plan how a sentence is constructed is the key to communicating what you mean when writing.

Of course you’re probably wondering what any of this could possibly have to do with attaining and maintaining a healthy weight — and then you remember that this blog is called Fitegic PLANNERS.

If you’ve read previous posts, you also know that we’ve been talking quite a bit about meaning.

Lose weight by planning

Perhaps  reading my posts is helping you to come to understand that living a meaningful life might be enhanced if you know how to plan.  I hope so, because this is absolutely true.  You are reading this blog because, for you, living a meaningful life includes attaining and sustaining a life-long healthy weight.

OK – so maybe that’s really NOT what brought you to my blog.  It’s more likely the thought that brought you here was more along the lines of “I want to lose weight.”  Or, “How do I lose weight?”

Do me a favor and humor me for a few more minutes and I promise I’m going to be able to tie in diagramming a sentence with “I want to lose weight.”

First, read this sentence:

“I want to lose ten pounds before I go to Hawaii.”

Now, let’s take the sentence apart.  We’re not going to diagram it per se and we’re not going to analyze it according to rules of grammar.  Instead, we’re going to use the concepts of Fitegic Planning.

Here are the concepts:  Reason, goal, meaning, and value.

First, let’s identify if there is a “reason” in the sentence.  The reason in the sentence is “go to Hawaii.”  The reason the weight is to be lost is the act of going to Hawaii.

Second, is there a goal in the sentence?  Actually there are two  – “before I go to Hawaii” and “lose weight.”  A goal is a finite thing, meaning it has a beginning and an end.  In this case “before” can start any time prior to the trip but definitely ends when the trip starts.  “Lose ten pounds” obviously begins the moment you decide you want to lose them and ends the minute you do.

Now, can you find anything in the sentence that communicates what might make both the reason and achieving the two goals meaningful?  I don’t.

Finally, can you find anything in the sentence that lets us know what value might be attached to losing ten pounds before going to Hawaii?  I don’t.

And that, my friends, explains how it is that, while it is very likely the weight will be lost before going to Hawaii, it is much more likely that those ten pounds will be regained once that trip is over.

Fitegic Planners understand how to plan losing weight and maintain a healthy weight because they are able to identify and incorporate meaning and value specific to them at any given time in their lives.

And I can teach you how to do that.



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