Trick of the Trade: Some Tricks for Handling Treats on Halloween

I just posted on how Halloween heralds the start of the dreaded Holiday Season when it comes to losing or maintaining our weight and keeping to an active lifestyle.

This post is to give you a few “Tricks of the Trade” for handling Halloween (isn’t it cool how this just gels with “Trick or Treat”?)

So, let’s get down to business.  This is a no frills post – I’m just going to bullet suggestions.

  • When taking your kids out to Trick or Treat bring massive amounts of sugarless gum in your FAVORITE and chew, chew, chew.   I know that consuming massive amounts of sugar substitutes isn’t all that great – but it beats consuming an additional 3,000 calories and God knows how much real sugar!
  • When you get home with your kids the FIRST thing you do is break out the little snack baggies and have them place 3 pieces of candy in each one.  This is what they get to eat per day.  What a beautiful way to teach them portion control so they don’t grow up with issues about food that lead to obesity.
  • Any “left over” candy not handed out is also placed into the snack packs.
  • NO candy is eaten until it is placed in the snack packs.  Once that is accomplished place the candy in bags or containers you CAN’T see through and place them in the freezer behind other things to they are OUT OF YOUR SIGHT.  You may be surprised that after a few days your children can actually forget it’s there – which means so can you.
  • Now, let your kids have 2 snack packs instead of one just on Halloween night.  They’ll think they’re getting away with something (which they already have by “eating as they go” when Trick or Treating.)
  • You have to decide what your goal is.  If your goal is not to eat ANY candy, when it comes time to hand out the kids their candy snack packs make sure you have a snack that you LOVE.  Maybe your favorite smoothie or health bar.  This way you won’t feel deprived.
  • If your goal is to have a reasonable amount of candy – you need to work this into your food plan for the day.  If you don’t – but still have a couple pieces of candy a day for 20 days – that turns into an additional 200-300 calories per day – an easy 2 pounds.
  • If you are eating a small amount of candy – do so at the SAME TIME each day.  You don’t want to train yourself to think you can have “just a little bit” when the urge shows up on your radar screen.
  • If you don’t have kids and hand out candy: give it ALL away.  Once the doorbell slows down become the most popular house on the block by placing a handful in individual bags.  If you have any candy left follow the instructions above if you will be eating it.
  • If you have no children and your goal is to eat NO candy and you have leftovers take the candy to your neighbor who does and give it to them.  If they say the kids have too much already ASK THEM TO THROW IT AWAY FOR YOU.  Yes Virginia, there have been times I wasn’t too proud to take a wrapped piece of candy out of my kitchen wastebasket – TAKE NO CHANCES.  If it is not in the house you can’t eat it.



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