Something To Do: Warm Up for Creating Your Fitegic Holiday Season Plan

Up most of last night working on a project for a business client & tired as sin.

Those waiting for First Steps for creating your Holiday Fitegic Plan Mission Statement – promise it will be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, we’re going to get a head start by “warming up”. Take out 4 pieces of paper, title each with one of these headings:

Strengths; Weaknesses; Threats; Opportunities.


Brainstorm each by writing for at least 3 mins and no more than 10 mins, without censoring, or worrying about complete sentences, spelling, or what you are saying in each section. Write fast, write down anything that comes up.
Don’t limit yourself to any one area of your life (such as weight loss) – anything goes (As the heading relates to things like family; career; health; finances; spirituality; home; friends; hobbies; children; relationship.) Just let it flow.

Save these (start a file or binder)


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