The Party’s Over: Resolve versus Commit

Resolve: To reach a firm decision about.

Commit: To carry into action deliberately.

The party’s over and we are now five days into the New Year.   Any holiday pounds have been gained or lost and we’ve made our resolutions.

Many of us have already begun putting our resolutions into action.  We are excited about them and motivated to carry them out – after all we have RESOLVED to do so!

But resolutions are tricky to keep.   Most of us will fester up to the fact that many, if not most, of our post New Year’s resolutions started off with a bang and went out with a whimper.

Why?  Let’s take a look at what we do when we “make a resolution”.

When we resolve to do something this means we’ve made a firm decision about something.

Let’s say one of your resolutions is to exercise more.  You may have actually been keeping this resolution for the past five days.  It’s something you’ve decided to do for yourself.  But then life starts to get in the way – the changing circumstances and situations of your daily life force you into making other decisions that conflict with your resolve – your decision – to exercise more.

Slowly and over the course of time your resolution loses the power to motivate you to action.

This is where most people quit.  But really it is an opportunity to put into place the “missing link” when it comes to not only making a resolution – but keeping it.  And that is making a commitment to keeping your resolution.

What’s the difference between the two?  When we resolve to do something we make a mental decision to do something.  When we commit to doing something we deliberately carry out that decision by taking action.

But I DO put my resolutions into action and still fail to keep them – there’s no real difference between resolving to do something and committing to doing something!

Oh, but there is.  The key word here is “deliberately”.  When we are “deliberate” this means that we have not only “carefully thought out” our resolution, but we are “methodical” in the manner in which we put our resolution – which is a mental process – into action, into practice.

We must not only decide to do something – we must continuously act upon that decision.

This is where creating and managing your Fitegic Plan comes into play.  A plan is a deliberate, methodical foundation upon which mental decisions (ideas) are translated into concrete objectives and goals that are carried out via specific strategies and tactics.

When we have a plan we have the tool required to make the necessary adjustments when our circumstances or situations present obstacles to keeping our resolution.  When it comes to resolutions related to attaining and sustaining a healthy weight, creating and managing your Fitegic Plan is the central “how” of intentionally and methodically turning a resolution into a reality.



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