Today’s Post It Note

There’s a debate as when is the best time to exercise – some say it is best to work out in the morning.

We are also told that working out too late in the day might not be such a good idea – could interrupt our sleeping pattern.

But there is something that we can – and should – train first thing in the morning and right before we go to bed – our brains.

Most of also know how important it is to eat breakfast.  Most of us also know that what we eat – for breakfast or at any other time – is equally important.  However, there is debate over what is best  regarding when and how often we should eat.  For instance, some say don’t eat too close to bedtime.

But there is something we should make sure to feed when we wake up in the morning and right before we go to sleep – our brains.

Attaining and sustaining a life-long healthy weight starts with the thoughts and messages we give ourselves.  When we “think” that we can’t do something or another, or when we think we don’t have the characteristics necessary to succeed at something or “be” a certain way – our brain reacts as if we did a search on Google – except our brain only finds information that supports our negative ideas about ourselves.

But our brains are not as smart as we are.  Neuroscientists have figured out that by consistently and repeatedly feeding our brains an idea about ourselves we are training our brains to provide us the right information.  In other words, our brains perform a search that hits on information that supports our abilities to do/be something.

And the best time to feed our brains with this information is to do our “Brain Training” is first thing in the morning and right before we go to sleep.



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