Today’s Post It Note





Are you suffering from “Last Supper Syndrome” when it comes to attaining and sustaining a healthy weight?  Early symptoms include:

  • A strong desire to lose weight.
  • Starting a diet that is ridiculously and severely restricted as to calories and/or limited to specific foods.
  • Success is defined by no longer being allowed to enjoy anything that is not on the food list or in the program EVER.

As the syndrome progresses there are other clinical signs:

  • The day before starting the program, you eat everything in sight.
  • You last for days, even weeks, sometimes months – then begin a period of uncontrolled eating that lasts for days, even weeks, perhaps months – could be years.

The good news is that Last Supper Syndrome is easily prevented:

  • Make sure you are eating enough calories that support losing 1-2 pounds per week (this is an average, trust me, it won’t come off like clockwork) for your height, age, and activity level.
  • Every so often (once a week, once a month) include in your menu plan reasonable portions (like one) of food items that you enjoy that are more calorie dense and “less healthy” than those on your list (your choices, of course, will exclude any foods you KNOW trigger a binge.)

“Food is like sex: when you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look good.” -Beth McCollister



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