Today’s Post It Note #21011

A long, long time ago in a high school far away lived a girl who just knew her life would work if she could just grow her hair out to all one length.

There was plenty of evidence that achieving her lofty goal would bring her the results she so desired.  After all, it worked for Peggy Lipton on Mod Squad.   There she was in all her glory week after week on the television screen.  All the boys adored her, all the girls wanted to be her.  And, it worked closer to home as well.  Take Sabrina in biology with the all-one-length tresses.  With just a toss of her head, she could get the attention of any boy – including the teacher.

Of course you’re reading this post as an adult which means you that, even if I did (yes, it was me) have the patience to live through such trying times, you’re sure that this monumental achievement  did not make my life work.

Many of us have similar feelings – or should I say hope – about losing weight.  If we could just lose the weight then our lives would work.  We’d get that promotion.  We’d meet our soul mate.  We’d be better parents to our kids.  We’d write that book.  We’d buy that house.  We’d take that vacation.  We’d get more organized.  We’d manage our time better.

We’d….fill in the blank.

I can tell you that, when I was obese, I certainly entertained ideas similar to “if only I wasn’t fat my life would work.”  Or, even more often, I felt certain that the fact that I was fat PROVED that I did not have what it took to live a “normal” life which, of course, meant that my life would “work” in the ways I desired but were not present in my life at the time.

Losing the weight did not make my life work – or did it?

If you think about it, even something as mundane as going through what it took to grow my hair out does, in fact, contribute to “making my life work.”  Why?  Because every experience life brings us brings with it the opportunity for personal growth.  I wasn’t an exceptionally patient teenager – growing my hair out meant I had to practice patience.  So, while having long, one-length hair did not result in my becoming a popular Home Coming Queen, it certainly wasn’t a useless experience.

Losing weight in and of itself will not get you that promotion, or be a better parent.  However, successfully making it through the life-long process of attaining and sustaining a healthy weight in and of itself requires that you develop or improve characteristics and qualities, as well as live according principles and values that do indeed “make your life work.”



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