Trick of the Trade: How to Survive a Buffet

A friend on Facebook posted that she was going to a party where there would be a buffet and said she wanted to be in control.  Whenever we have a plan it puts us more in control of our situation because we are prepared.

I’ve used this over the years and, while I may eat more than I normally would, it is reasonable and easily fits into my daily menu:

First Plate: Just salad, with as many veggies as I want.  No croutons, no cheese.  Drink 2 glasses of water with this and enjoy visiting with people.

Second Plate: I divide my plate according to the diagram on the left.  Go for the dishes that are prepared without – or with little – sauces.

This particular trick works VERY well:  whenever possible eat with you back to the buffet table so you can’t see it.  If there is no seating position yourself standing with your back to the buffet.


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