Emotional Eating: Try This Instead of a Bag of Potato Chips

potato chipsMany of my friends have been posting and commenting on the challenges of overcoming emotional eating.

While there are certainly many methods you could use to bypass that powerful urge to EAT when experiencing everyday emotional responses to what life brings it just makes sense to me to start at the heart of the matter – your emotional self.

Negative feelings about ourselves short-circuit our ability to cope – and when we are overweight this negativity tends to spill over into all areas of our lives.

Meditation is an excellent format to get in touch with our emotions – going directly to the heart of the matter – how you feel about yourself.

But, before you try this mediation, I can tell you from personal experience it might make you feel kind of “silly”.  Many of us (including me) can be uncomfortable with the idea that we need to love ourselves.  Too often we confuse this notion with being “self-centered” or “vain”.  But self-love is never about being superior or more important than someone else.

childA parent who loves their child unconditionally allows that child the opportunity to grow their personal strengths as well as learn from the consequences of their negative behaviors.  A healthy unconditional love of a parent for their child is not expressed by convincing the child that they are “better” than other children — instead their unconditional love for their child provides the child with a loving foundation to become the best they can be.

A child who is loved unconditionally is not afraid to try because they know they will not be condemned for failing.  A child who is loved unconditionally knows that doing “their best” is more important than being “the best”.

Certainly this is something we need to offer ourselves – an unconditional love that allows us to be the best we can be.  A self-love that supports our belief in ourselves and our ability to cope, overcome, survive, and grow from life’s challenges and opportunities.

Having said all that – give this a try:

  • Lie on you back with arm straight out to the sides.
  • Now close your eyes, gently raise your left arm and bring your left palm towards your face.  Then gently kiss the center of your left palm and whisper “I Love You” to yourself.
  • Now lower your left arm and bring your right arm up and kiss the center of your right palm again whispering “I Love You” to yourself.
  • Continue for about 5 minutes.
  • To end inhale deeply hold your breath and visualize your body exactly as you want it to be, slim and trim, then get up with a smile feeling good about yourself.”  – taken from AnmolMehta.com

Now, didn’t that make you feel MUCH better than eating a bag of potato chips ever did?


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