The Myth of “Just this once”

Anyone who thinks it is easy to write a book hasn’t made a serious attempt at doing so.  Here’s a teaser from an ebook I’ve been sweating out that will hopefully be published sooner rather than later:


It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight – going to any kind of event where there is going to be food, as the kids like to say, “Sucks” — and big time.  All too often we give in and listen when that little voice in our head, or maybe to Aunt Bessie when she says, “Just this one little time won’t hurt.  Come on, enjoy yourself!”

Today people seem to enjoy weight loss “challenges” — so here is my challenge:

Get out a calendar.

First, mark every single birthday that you celebrate with either family or friends.

Second, mark (with the exception of Christmas and New Year) every holiday that you celebrate with friends or family.

Third, mark all work-related events or get-togethers that involve food.  This means you need to estimate everything from the number of potlucks, meetings, and company events that involve food (again, ignore the Holiday season for now.)

Fourth, mark the number of times that you go out for the purpose of being entertained.  This would include going out dancing at a club, the movies, bowling, date night, taking the family to dinner.  Things like that.

Fifth, mark off anytime you “celebrate” national sporting events.  You know:   World Series, Super Bowl, play offs – things like that.

Last, but certainly not least go back and mark off any and every possible date from Halloween through New Year’s day that it is likely you will be in a situation that involves food.  For many of us that will be most days – I’ve worked places where some person or another brought something in every single day.

Turns out that “Just this one little time” when multiplied out takes up a good part of an entire year.

Taking the time to actually go through this process goes a long way when it comes to responding to that nagging voice in your head or to Aunt Bessie regarding this “one little time”  —  using any number of the tricks of the trade I include in this book.


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