You CAN Eat Those Thanksgiving Leftovers and Lose Weight (Really!)

OK – so I spent the last three days eating a bit more than I normally would and eating foods I don’t normally eat (that much.)  Well, it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and, while we should give thanks everyday for the good in our lives, it is time to stop eating like it’s Thanksgiving.    I know that can be a little difficult when you’ve got all those leftovers in the fridge just waiting to be piled up on our plates.

A few suggestions:

dfjhsjakhfhakThis is a good time to practice portion control.  Break out those measuring cups and kitchen scales as they are the most accurate way to know how many calories you’re actually eating.  However, if measuring turns you off, or when you are eating out, you can simply use your own hand to measure your portions – here’s a great slide show “Hand Guide to Portion Control” from that shows you exactly how it’s done.  You’ll also want to look up the calorie content on the usual Thanksgiving dinner suspects (here’s a great listing from  There’s nothing wrong with eating Thanksgiving leftovers, just not in the quantities most of us partake in on Thanksgiving day (usually 2000-4500 calories – and that’s just dinner and dessert.)
fafdafafaJump online and search for lower calorie/healthy recipes for your leftovers.  A great place to start is a blog called “Cheap, Healthy, Good” where you can find this article:  “38 Cheap Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers.” 

I'm not associated with ziploc other than I've bought their containers :)

I’m not associated with ziploc other than I’ve bought their containers 🙂

A great way to use those leftovers is to take a few minutes and measure out “mini-meals” to take to work this week.  Just think – doing that would make every lunch time this upcoming week something to be thankful for!


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