Support versus Judge

Maybe it's just me - but I think Dove's ladies appear sincerely happy and healthy without having to be "skinny."

Maybe it’s just me – but I think Dove’s ladies are absolutely lovely and appear sincerely happy, vibrant, and healthy.

Wow there is a whole lot of uckiness today on FB regarding body size.  Apparently someone got banned for “venting” about obesity in the United States.  From what I can see from posts I’ve read is that many people are upset about the idea that being obese is “unhealthy” with many citing that they are healthy although overweight – which is certainly possible.  Many people also feel that this particular blogger who got “banned” has a low opinion of people who are overweight.

I hope I don’t get banned but here goes:  As far as I’m concerned, the first and most important step to live a meaningful and healthy life is a healthy sense of self esteem – which we can and should nurture no matter what “size” we are.  My personal definition (based on a number of reliable and vetted resources) of “very” overweight is at least 30 or more pounds over the high end of of the recommended weight based on BMI that includes taking into account bone structure and muscle mass.  For example I have a male friend who, if they weighed what simple BMI recommended, they’d just be a bunch of bones.

However, it is a fact that if one is very overweight and not active and yet healthy now, there is a large body of scientific evidence that demonstrates this will not always be the case for many people.  Case in point, our country is experiencing a vast increase in the onset of Type 2 Diabetes (up 90% in the last 10 years, even an increase in children although it is called “adult onset” diabetes) which, while it can be managed, can certainly be responsible for deteriorating health (eye damage, kidney damage, heart disease, stoke.)

I surely hope people don’t feel that I am “judging” when I share posts on the subject of attaining and sustaining healthy (you don’t need to be “skinny”) weight and level of fitness (you don’t have to be a gym rat — walk briskly for 20-30 minutes most days and lift light weights a couple times a week)  I strongly believe that people make their own decisions and I certainly don’t stand in judgement of those decisions. But if reading my posts helps in any way to your living the life you want – well, that makes me feel pretty good 🙂


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