Meet Your Fitegic Facilitator

me 4Hi there – my name is Annie Kile and I belong to a pretty special club – a club that you’ve likely been trying to join for some time – or want to now that you’ve lost weight.

We’ll call this club the “5% Club” which is the percentage of people who’ve lost weight who actually don’t relapse and return to an unhealthy weight.  Over 30 years ago I lost 100+ pounds and, while I have sometimes weighed “more” and sometimes “less” – I have remained at a healthy weight for all these years (with the exception of a pregnancy – but lost my pregnancy pounds within 6 months.)

How I became a member of the 5% Club is via something I call Fitegic Planning —  a process I don’t want to keep to myself.  A process I want to share with  you.

I don’t claim that I’ve got some “diet secret” that’s going to solve your life, but what I CAN do is help by facilitating the process of establishing a Fitegic Plan for yourself.  I can give you the tools, explain how to use them — but you’re the one who’s got to pull them out of the tool box and put them into play.

With so many “scams” and “diets of the day” out there it is important to me that you know I’m a real person.  That what I’m telling you about myself is true.

That’s kind of hard to do in this Day of the Internet — I could post anything and claim it to be true.  But I need you to trust me though in order for this relationship to work — you’ve got to be able to relate to me and I’ve got to develop a rapport with you.   Which is one major reason for putting this blog up while I write “the book” about Fitegic Planning.

We’ve got to get to know each other.

You’ll certainly get to know me by reading my posts – and I’m going to get to know you by reading and responding to your comments and questions.  I’m also going to learn from you when you share your experiences, challenges, and successes – as will others who follow the blog.  I might even ask your permission to include them in my book.  So, if you haven’t done so yet, take a second and subscribe (box is on your right.)

In the meantime all I can think to do is post a few pictures of myself  — it was hard to find any “fat” pictures.  As I’m sure you can relate, having my picture taken wasn’t a favorite thing for me to do at the time.  But the pictures I found demonstrate what I’ve said is true – my weight DOES fluctuate – but it is a fact I’ve sustained a healthy weight range for over 30 years after losing 100 pounds.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy?

Get to know me by using this website to its full potential.  Make comments — I’ll reply.  Tell me your story — I’ll reply. Contact me– I’ll reply.

Get to know me — and let me get to know you.

One thing you can be absolutely certain of, and something I swear to, is that I am sincere in my desire to have you join the club of people who attain, and sustain a healthy weight for life.

copyright 2010 Fitegic Planners All Rights Reserved
You are free to share this information via a link to this page and/or website as well as the share buttons provided.  If portions or quotations are used author must cite: Annie Kile

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