What is FP?

Just what IS Fitegic Planning?

oiopip[iopSimply put Fitegic Planning is a system of organizing your thoughts and actions in a way that supports not just weight LOSS, but SUSTAINING a life-long healthy weight.

In the business world, there’s something called a “Core Competency”.  This is a just fancy way of saying “What we’re really good at.”  The main core competency of Fitegic Planning is making sure that what you’re doing (and thinking) as you both lose weight and sustain that healthy weight is MEANINGFUL to you.

Now, “meaning” is probably the LAST thing you’d think of when coming up with a game plan to lose weight.  It probably seems pretty obvious to you what’s meaningful, something along the lines of:

  • You want to wear a bathing suit (or take your shirt off if you’re a guy) when you take the kids to the pool – OR
  • You want to feel that high you used to get during your morning run years ago – OR
  • You want to get pregnant – OR
  •  You don’t want to go on insulin – OR
  • Any of all of the above.

Could be anything — because what’s meaningful to one person might not be so meaningful to another.

clock-clip-artThe real problem is what’s meaningful to you changes over time.  Certainly what’s meaningful to me at 57 doesn’t exactly mirror what was meaningful to me at 23.  Not only that what you think is your “meaningful why” really isn’t.  It’s so easy to confuse what is meaningful to us with what motivates us.  And what we found motivating at one point in our lives may not pull the trigger like it once did.  Even the method we use to sustain a healthy weight changes over time because the way our bodies work change over time.

Meaning, motivation, and method change over time.  Now, the difference between these three might not appear as clear to you as they do to me (but then I’ve been doing this for 30+ years, so give yourself a break.)

Think of it this way:

How you do it =  The METHOD you are using.

For instance, your “diet” (meaning what/when/how much you eat) and your activities (which some of you may think of as the dreaded “E” word – exercise.)

Your incentive for doing it = Your MOTIVATION.

For instance, you want to look really good at an upcoming event.  Let’s say a high school reunion, or maybe a vacation, or perhaps a wedding (after all those pics will be around forever!)

Both method and motivation have worked for all of us at one time or another.  But I’ll bet you’re reading this because they STOPPED working for some reason.

And here’s the reason:  Whether you knew it or not, the only reason your method and/or motivation worked was because it was meaningful to you at the time.  However at the moment, at the very least, they aren’t quite so meaningful to you now.

The underlying purpose for doing it = MEANING

Human beings tend to do things for a purpose.  We go to work for the purpose of supporting ourselves and our families.  But, as anyone who has ever had “just a job” and then found work that was meaningful to them will tell you – it’s much easier to pull  yourself out of bed to go do something that’s meaningful than a job you couldn’t care less about.

Fitegic Planning is a way to CONSCIOUSLY discover and incorporate that which is meaningful to you now to your plan to sustain a healthy weight for the rest of your life – no matter how busy, or complicated, or happy, or depressing, or whatever your life might be at any given time.  Of the three, having a meaningful why at any given time is the most important factor when it comes to sustaining a healthy weight.    

A meaningful why trumps motivation and method every time because if it isn’t meaningful you lose your motivation to stay with your method.  The trick isn’t only lose weight, but to sustain a healthy weight – which is not necessarily the same weight, but staying within a healthy range.  No, I am not promoting “yo-yo” weight loss/weight gain.  I am promoting sustaining a weight range that is healthy for your body.

30 years ago I lost 100 pounds and I’ve kept (outside of being “preggers”) a healthy weight since that time.  Did I always weigh the same?  Let’s get that question out of way right now:  The answer is  NO (and I’ve got the pictures to prove it, just mosey over to “Meet Your Fitegic Facilitator” and scroll to the bottom.)

l_49c09a99fa47440c8cf973afacf8e161048But HOW did you do it?

Over the years when people learned I’d once been so heavy the question I was almost always asked was HOW I did it.  I gave that quite a bit of thought over the years.  I journaled about it quite a bit.  I talked about it quite a bit.  Years (and years) went by and I still didn’t have a good answer as to “how” I did (do) it.

I’m fond of saying sometimes “it’s only the obvious that escapes me”.  Finally I asked myself a different question.  Instead of trying to answer how it worked for me, I asked myself:

“What was it that caused whatever methods I used or my motivation at the time to — even temporarily — STOP working?”

The answer was obvious:  it didn’t mean as much to me anymore.  So the next question was:  “What did I do when that happened?”

I looked for meaning.

Putting the “Egic” Into Fitegic Planning

About the same time this thought came to me I was doing a lot work involving Strategic Planning — and the obvious hit me over the head again.  All these years what I did intuitively I could teach others to do strategically.

So, now you have it — Fitegic Planners was born.

Of course, I’m writing a book – but that takes time (and a lot of nerve I might add — it’s much harder than you might think).  So, for now – use my blog posts as a guide.


God knows I spent most of the first 23 years of my life with a “She’s so fat” target on my chest —  but I believe in being real. So, I might not be politically correct all the time and use the term “fat” from time to time.

I hated it when people called me fat — I hated it because it reminded me of how I thought of myself.  I will occasionally use the word “fat” because I know enough about it to know it’s the word running around in most of our heads when we either want to lose weight or sustain a healthy weight.  

But practicing Fitegic Planning is going to change the way you think.  You’ll come to the point where you won’t be thinking “I don’t want to be fat” to the point where you’re thinking “I like who I am and I look forward to who I am coming to be.”

“Being” fat – or “Not Being” fat will cease to be your only two choices.

Fitegic Planning sounds kind of serious – and it is because it has a seriously fantastic effect on the way you’ll live and how you think of yourself.

But I also believe that humor is healing.  That taking ourselves too seriously hurts us more than helps us — so you’ll find that I inject quite a bit of humor into understanding what Fitegic Planning is and how to incorporate into how you think as well as how you “behave” (for an example of this, check out my post on the proper use of a napkin.)

If you can’t stomach the term “fat” (pardon the pun) please feel free to click out and know I wish you great success and the absolute best life has to offer.

copyright 2010 Fitegic Planners All Rights Reserved
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